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With social media playing such an important role in our lives today, we love to post regularly, check all activity, and keep up-to-date with all news whether it’s relating to sport, current affairs, or even the events of our friends!


With this in mind, we’re starting to see more and more platforms promising to make social media management easier than ever. With SocialOomph, we have exactly this and they promise to ‘boost your social media productivity’ while removing the time-consuming nature of it all.


How does SocialOomph work? As part of a free service, SocialOomph allow you to schedule tweets, reuse drafts (to save on typing), track keywords, view mentions and retweets within seconds, complete URL shortening, and do plenty more across five Twitter accounts.


Although Twitter is the main focus for SocialOomph, the ‘Professional’ version extends similar features to Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Plurk, and more. Even after this, individuals can submit their social media updates via email and receive RSS feed updates.


Away from social media, SocialOomph can manage blogs and help through what they call ‘set and forget’; as the name suggests, this means you can integrate all social media and blog updates, set them, and then go about your day without having to specifically remember.


By anyone’s standards, these features suggested by SocialOomph will be extremely helpful…but how does the site work in reality? Below, we’ve listed some good and bad points about the platform so you can decide whether or not it suits your needs!


Good Points


  • Advanced features for effective automation
  • Ability to manage Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn
  • Opportunities to integrate blog and all postings
  • Automated messaging to new followers
  • Monitoring of all new followers


Starting with the positives of SocialOomph, we believe one of the best features to be the automated direct messaging. For those who want to build relationships with their new followers, ignoring them isn’t the way to go. By sending a simple message of thanks, a message customized by you, your followers will feel as though their click was validated. If you want to go one step further, you can even automatically follow those who follow you.


Furthermore, we should also mention the ‘Purge’ function which allows Twitter users to delete tweets and DMs in just one click. Of course, you’ll need to be careful because there’s no going back after they’ve all been deleted. However, we can’t be the only ones who look at their Twitter and think ‘I really wish I could have a fresh start’. With the Purge button, this fresh start can be achieved without having to start a new profile and lose all followers.


Following along the same lines, SocialOomph allow the same cleaning with all followers. Let’s say you follow somebody because they followed you, what happens when they decide to unfollow? Rather than allowing them to clog up your list of followers, the platform is excellent for automatically unfollowing these people and keeping your following list clean.


After this, how can we mention the advantages of choosing SocialOomph without discussing the ability to control so many profiles in one platform? While some similar services focus solely on Twitter or Facebook, and SocialOomph does to a certain extent with the free version, they also extend into numerous other social media platforms (as well as blogs!). Both individuals and businesses have realized the importance of blogs in recent years, so having a tool that integrates a blog with social media is brilliant news.


Bad Points


  • Limitations to the free version
  • Some glitches when scheduling
  • Fewer features than competitors
  • Can be expensive
  • Potentially outdated interface


Although SocialOomph has more than enough features for beginners and those who want simple management, those with more experience may be left wanting more. For example, we found the lack of a calendar layout a little frustrating when trying to schedule posts; this leads into another potential negative with the interface. Many customers have found it a little outdated and this can impact your experience somewhat.


Elsewhere, the free version is mainly focused on Twitter and is also mainly focused on simple features such as tweet scheduling, purging, and viewing mentions and retweets. If you’re looking for support on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Pinterest, you’ll have to invest in the ‘Professional’ package; i.e. the free package is nearly useless for you.


As perhaps smaller drawbacks, some find the platform expensive (more on this in a moment), you may encounter glitches with scheduling, and SocialOomph also cannot help people on Instagram. With the latter, this is now in the top three social media platforms so you might want to go elsewhere if Instagram is important to you. On the note of glitches, some members have reported tweets being rejected for being above the character limit when this wasn’t the case.




7-Day Trial Free
Professional Starts at $17.79 (per half month)
Twitter Unlimited Starts at $6.97 (per half month)



If the free version offers enough features for you to be happy, SocialOomph will be a fantastic addition to your social media life. However, most people are likely to need either the Twitter Unlimited or the Professional package and some will find these options expensive. In truth, you’ll find both cheaper and more expensive options in the market so we believe it comes down to meeting your needs. If the platform meets the needs of yourself (or your business), and it will allow you to save significant amounts of time and money, SocialOomph may work perfectly.




As long as you bear the potential drawbacks in mind, SocialOomph is well worth considering for your social media needs. For some, the lack of Instagram management, the price, or the outdated interface may be deal-breakers. The most important thing is that you choose a platform that works for YOU; with the information in this review, you’ll be in a great position to compare SocialOomph with the many other fantastic platforms available!

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