MemberPress Review

Whether you have an experience of running a business or are just starting out, WordPress membership plugins can be very helpful in boosting the monetization hustle of your website and make it more lucrative. Tempt someone once with good content and you could earn a paying customer for months or years.

One of the many reasons that makes WordPress a great website is its ability to power amazing membership websites easily with plugins. Having a membership website can be very resourceful as membership plugins can help you boost subscriptions easily. On the other hand,  choosing a wrong host can be detrimental to your efforts and can devalue the quality of your content.

One important factor to make your memberships successful is by putting up good and valuable content. If you have mastered the art of serving great content to the right consumers, then memberships are surely going to bring you riches.

No one needs to learn complicated technologies to earn from their content as it has become very easy to use and implement plugins in your website.

One of the many plugins for WordPress is one from, which is very easy to start with. It is also one of the most popular plugins and is very powerful.

It only takes a few clicks to restrict access to any post, page or any custom target on your website. It also allows you to lock many pages and posts together by completely restricting categories.

Developers claim this to be the easiest membership site software that anyone has ever seen and with a mere $99 per year, it’s hard not to agree.

Good Points

  • Easy to set up
  • Access and control content
  • Management of unlimited members with unlimited access rules
  • Accept payment with Paypal and Stripe
  • Content dripping
  • Payment gateways
  • Integrations

MemberPress helps you start charging your customers instantly while  setting up  powerful membership content. You only need to install it. It comes with a lot of features for a membership website. It can automatically setup pages for customers and for people who are just starting up with membership websites, and is thus a really helpful tool.

It gives you complete access to your website. It gives you the power to easily restrict posts, pages, categories, tags or anything you would like. Also, it can let you restrict content for a particular period of time. This is a very useful feature if you want to give your customers a little snippet of your content.

You can also create as many customized coupons as you want. You can set the code, how long the coupon remains valid and everything according to your wishes.

The automatic billing feature is also very efficient and helpful. After setting the pricing, you don’t really need to do anything other than enjoying the incomes. The payment links and pricing tables are also automatically created as soon as you set up the pricing specifications.

There are separate account pages for every customer, which handles all of the customer data and allows them to change their information including passwords and credit card information.

It also works very well with mailing services like MailChimp, GetResponse, AWeber and MadMimi mail services. It also becomes easy to host podcasts on your website with Amazon Web Services and Blubrry.

Also, for the customer’s convenience, it allows users to pause and restart their own membership, which is a very powerful feature to prevent users from completely cancelling subscriptions.

Most of these features can be set up only by ticking a few options, proving its easy to use interface.

Bad Points

  • Limited payment options
  • Limited integration options
  • Pricing

MemberPress only has three in-built payment options and you need to check if the available options are supported in your country or not.

Even though it can integrate with 11 auto-response services, it does lack integrations with many other good services.

The pricing is also not very appropriate considering many new website owners would want to start with this plugin. The annual billing price can come up to a well expensive standing.


There are three plans without any hidden costs and also has a 14 day 100% money back guarantee.


$129 /year

This plan allows you to use this plugin only on a single website and has one year of support. If you are just starting out with your first membership website and want to focus on only one website, this is a great option. It has almost all of the necessary features.


$249 /year

This allows the plugin on 5 websites and also works with There are also extra add-ons that don’t come with the basic plan included in this one. This is a good option for small businesses and startups.


$369 /year

This plan is made for advanced companies and pro-level websites. It gives you the plugin for 25 websites and also includes additional add-ons than the Basic and Plus plans. Another feature that is only specific to this plan is the Affiliate Royale for affiliates.



How MemberPress stands out

The only feature where MemberPress differs from other similar plugins lies in its reporting tools, which gives you a complete database and provides facts about all your subscribed customers. You can not only see how many customers you have, but also keep a track of which memberships are the most successful, the average lifetime of your members and a report of your website for the last 7 days directly on your WordPress dashboard.

No other plugin can provide such detailed data about your customers. This plugin just makes it easier for you to frame your strategies and plan out better content for your website.

Final Thoughts

This plugin is indeed impressive and it also gives a feeling that it will continuously improve in the future. Even though the price is not very affordable for everyone, there are a lot of features, including some that are not very common like paywall and the ability to pause and restart memberships.

There is no doubt that if you are new to membership services, this is the best plugin for you. Also, if you are already using another plugin service,  MemberPress makes it very easy to switch because of its MemberPress importer, which can import all your existing membership details.

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