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In short, Market Hero is an email autoresponder and one that joins a fairly saturated market. Initially, you might think ‘oh, not another one’, but we’re going to give Market Hero the benefit of the doubt and review it as fairly as we would any other piece of software. 

Perhaps the first thing to note about Market Hero is the founder and it’s a name with which you may be familiar; Alex Becker. With hundreds of thousands of followers and subscribers on Instagram and YouTube respectively, it’s fair to say Alex Becker is a well-known figure in the world of marketing. With dozens of videos explaining how he made his money, as well as the odd personal opinion-type video, Becker has certainly been successful in his young age and Market Hero is a product of this success.

In total, Market Hero has a number of different features but we’ll start with their focus which seems to be towards the email autoresponder aspect. Over the years, different companies have focused on different areas of the auto responding niche and this has led to useful statistics regarding click-through rates and open rates. However, many choose to ignore sales statistics and this is where Market Hero steps in. In order to pay the bills and continue on a path of growth, businesses need to make sales so Market Hero simplifies the tracking process with heavy emphasis on sales.

How does Market Hero differ from the many other email autoresponders? As you may have noticed, most autoresponders have email marketers as their target market and this sometimes excludes other potential users…like business owners. With Market Hero, business owners can see where their investment is going while also assessing whether it has been worthwhile. For a business, all money invested needs to have some form of return otherwise profits will be difficult to come by.

Let’s look at the finer details, Market Hero allows users to track all sales and conversions. Over time, as you invest more money and leads are generated, the software will calculate some extremely useful statistics including ‘cost per lead’. Not only will it show the basic statistics, numerous filters can be applied so a business can learn exactly what gives the best return of investment (ROI). If you’re thinking this software will be a nightmare to introduce, you’re in luck because all you need to do is paste a conversion code into all pages. Once this has been done, leads are ‘re-cookied’ for each email so all tracking will be retained and will remain accurate over any given period of time.

Before we look at the good and bad points to this software, we should also talk about their expansion into Facebook Messenger. Considering Messenger is now the leading app in both the US and Canada, and with over one billion users worldwide, more and more businesses are utilizing this fantastic tool and it’s great to know Market Hero is moving with the times.

Good Points

  • Particular focus on metrics important for businesses
  • Encourages positive relations with clients
  • Ideal for financial planning
  • Can be perfect for businesses aiming to scale
  • Offers flexible payment plans

First and foremost, as we mentioned in the features and introduction, this is a great solution for businesses. In a world of technology, it can be difficult to track spending and make sure that all investment is adding to the businesses rather than being wasted. With software like Market Hero, all investment can be tracked and campaigns can be edited. If something isn’t working, different aspects can be altered until the ROI increases.

Secondly, this software allows businesses to maintain positive relationships with clients. Once again, this is a pivotal feature of any business because, without customers, a business is…well, nothing. With auto responding on both email and Messenger, anybody who messages will receive an efficient reply and they’ll be impressed by the level of service. If customers are happy, they’re more likely to recommend the service to a friend, family, colleague, and more.

Thirdly, we want to focus on financial planning and there are two aspects to this. Not only does the platform allow for both monthly and yearly payments, the provided statistics also allow for the right investment in the right areas. For a business looking to scale in the industry, all these benefits will be highly advantageous.

Bad Points

  • Users have experienced some software issues
  • Support and customer service are limited
  • Can be expensive
  • Information is lacking

Despite the benefits, there are some drawbacks of which you should be aware while comparing Market Hero with other services. Firstly, we should address the claim that Alex Becker is a scammer and this is an interesting one. Above all else, we think Becker has too much to lose and therefore wouldn’t risk his ‘fame’ just to make a few bucks from an email autoresponder scam. The minute he did this, his reputation would capitulate and he would lose his wealth.

Sadly, some users have experienced issues with the software and there have also been reports of poor customer service. Compared to other solutions, Market Hero certainly doesn’t hold your hand so this might be a deal-breaker for beginners. For those with some experience, you should be just fine with Market Hero.


In truth, the pricing from Market Hero is complex. You’ll pay for a certain number of connections and we’ve included the basics below;

1,000 Connections $19/month OR $194/year
3,000 Connections $49/month OR $499/year
7,500 Connections $99/month OR $1,010/year
10,000 Connections $129/month OR $1,316/year
25,000 Connections $299/month OR $3,050/year
50,000 Connections $549/month OR $5,600/year
75,000 Connections $800/month OR $8,160/year
100,000 Connections $950/month OR $9,690/year
Enterprise Special Application

As you may have noticed, paying yearly will yield a 15% discount and the higher packages can be rather expensive. This being said, the progression system allows businesses to choose a package that suits their needs.


All things considered, Market Hero will be a fantastic solution for many. As long as you recognize the drawbacks and assess your needs, the added emphasis on business metrics and Messenger autoresponder can be highly beneficial!

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