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Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important part in helping your website rank on search engines so it appears higher up on the listings. This will as a result, allow your website to receive an increased amount of organic traffic and become more successful.

Backlinks to your website are a valuable resource in getting your website search engine optimized. For this reason, you need to make sure that the backlinks to your website are from high quality websites which post useful content and are not spam websites. Backlinks are a valuable commodity and can help your website, however, if you receive a lot of backlinks from these spam websites, your own website will do worse in the search engine rankings and this is not what anybody wants. Due to this, you need to keep track of your backlinks and make sure that you are removing any bad backlinks so that they do not negatively affect your website.

Linkody is a backlink tracer which will allow you to find out which backlinks are valuable and which ones should be removed to help your website. Furthermore, Linkody will also allow you to answer other questions such as when you are losing backlinks and finding out how your competitors are using backlinks to rank higher in search engines.

Good Points

  • Know when you gain or lose backlinks
  • Find out about your competitor’s linking building strategies (competitor research)
  • Analyze your own link profile
  • Find and remove harmful backlinks
  • You can have several members under one Linkody account
  • Receive daily thorough link reports to your inbox
  • 24/7 backlink analysis
  • 30-day free trial

Track and monitor your websites backlinks 24/7 and receive notifications when you get new backlinks and when backlinks are removed. This means that you will no longer need to waste your time manually checking and dealing with your website’s backlinks giving you more time to focus on other aspects of search engine optimization to help improve your websites chances at ranking higher and receiving more organic traffic and as a result of this you will receive more awareness for your brand.

Linkody will allow you to see your competitor’s link building strategy and allow you to see when they receive backlinks and where they are receiving backlinks from. This will let you receive valuable insights about your competitors which could help you improve your own website. You can add your competitor’s domains to Linkody in the same way you add your own domains. All you need to do is add your competitor’s domain name into the competitors page. You can customize the competitors page to view their backlinks in a certain order such as the date they were added.

Linkody has an analytics page which you can use to determine the value of your backlinks and allows you to deice which ones should be kept and which ones to disavow. The analytics page can be read by anyone, even if you are not a very technical person. As well as this, this page shows you a lot of information such as what words are used for the hyperlinks which are directing to your website, which domains are linking to your website, and much more.

Bad Points

  • Only limited to analyzing backlinks and nothing else
  • Backlink reports could contain errors which may take a little bit of time to correct but this means you will need to wait before removing bad backlinks and this could negatively affect your website
  • Reports are only generated every 24 hours

This software will allow you to analyze backlinks to your website, but that is it, you will only be able to receive insights about backlinks and nothing else. For this reason, this software tool is only useful for that purpose and will not help with anything else. It is not versatile, this means that if you want to get insight about other aspects of SEO, you will need to subscribe to or purchase other software which will get what you need done.

Since reports are generated every 24 hours you will need to wait to get updates about your backlinks and this means that you cannot act immediately if you need to disavow harmful backlinks and this could result in your website’s rankings being hurt.


Linkody has a 30-day free trial which you can use before deciding whether you want to continue using the software to help you with your website. After the 30-day free trial, you will need to start paying and the pricing can be seen below.

  • Webmaster plan (2 domains & 500 links) at $14.90/month
  • Advanced plan (5 domains & 2,000 links) at $24.90/month
  • Pro plan (20 domains & 5,000 links) at $49.90/month
  • Agency plan (50 domains & 20,000 links) at $104.90/month
  • Agency XL plan (100 domains & 50,000 links) at $147.90/month
  • The pricing plans can be found on this page

Why Use Linkody

Linkody has pricing plans for everyone, this means that anyone, whether they are an individual, a small business, or a large one, can benefit from using Linkody to improve the link building for their website. This makes Linkody a better choice than some of the other alternatives out there. Additionally, if you ever need to change your plan then you can do that without any extra fees. Moreover, if you choose to use an annual plan instead of a monthly plan then you get 3 months for free. Linkody will keep your links if you cancel your plan but then decide to subscribe again.


Linkody is a great tool which will help you monitor your backlinks and act on the insights you receive. This will allow you to help your website rank higher in search engines and be seen as a high-quality website which offer good content that users should be able to see. It gives you daily backlink reports which show you backlinks you have gained and one which you have lost. You can then use this information to remove backlinks which are harmful and that will negatively affect your website and harm its rankings.

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