Backblaze Review

About a decade ago, the server would suddenly go down and a large amount of data would get wiped away. Resultantly, when the manager would ask the IT team to provide the backup, they just couldn’t deliver it.

This problem mostly occurred due to the fact that tape drives were extremely complex. It’s complicated nature made it easy to procrastinate working on them. There were many problems such as the  compatibility and reliability of the drives. Added to this, one had to store the drives in an off-site location.

Companies are now generating more data than ever and are fortunate to have the cloud data storage available for the storage of the same. Many of us still backup our data on external hard drives, but that is not enough. Your hard drive, just like your PC, is always under the threat of getting stolen or damaged.

To rescue us from this scenario, cloud backup services, also known as online backup services are taking your data to back them up in an offsite repository that never goes offline and is accessible from anywhere.

Cloud backup services work for businesses by providing customers with shared, virtualized storage infrastructure. The management of data is based on what the customer wants. There are various storage tiers and which are all priced differently. It all boils down to an insurance for the data on your computer.

Backblaze, established way back in 2007, is considered to be one of the top most choices for online backup services. Many competitors boast of better features but none of them come close to the ease of usage and value proposition of Backblaze.

Cloud backup services differ widely in pricing and functionality, but a thorough evaluation of Backblaze can easily express the power and easiness of this service.

Here are some good and bad points discussed.

Good Points

  • Easy backup experience
  • Unlimited backup
  • Good security of your files
  • Data recovery
  • Extra functions to protect your device
  • Good online customer support

Backblaze is designed and engineered such that it maintains the simplicity of the application. It contains the main functions that are important and solves the exact problems of the user without the user having to do much.

The interface of Backblaze is definitely it’s greatest strength. Right after installing it for the first time, it scans all your files on the hard drive and gives you a summary of the files that can be backed up.

The best thing is, whenever the files are updated on your computer, it updates the backup files automatically. You do not have to configure a back up setting  .

Whether you have a single megabyte or hundreds and thousands of terabytes, large amounts of data can be backed up safely, which makes it truly perfect.

It also encrypts all your files with the standard AES 128-bit, which is a very powerful encryption and is generally uncrackable.

Also, multiple copies of your backup files are stored in the data center to ensure that you have access to your files even if one machine or file gets corrupted. All these features make it a highly secure means of storage.

Additionally, you have the option of adding a personal password, which only you will know. Moreover, there is the two-factor authentication available which increases the security too.

The whole point of a backup is to be able to access your files if your hard drives are lost or your computer is damaged. You can request 500 GB of data at a time (upto five times) but it also depends on your network. It also has a download helper app that allows you to download large zip files easily.

The additional function that it offers is the ability to track your computer’s physical location. This function also provides details on the most recently backed up files, the current ISP serving the computer and its IP address.

The customer service is also very fast and easily accessible. They also provide an additional email that responds within a few hours.

Bad Points

  • Backup and restore favors Microsoft Windows environment
  • Limited to one device

Though the application works fine on any operating system, it seems to run better on Microsoft Windows devices. Also, you can only connect one computer with one account which is not suitable for every user.

Also, if you set a private key and forget it, you may lose your data permanently.. The previous versions of your files are lost in 30 days. Thus, you cannot have a version control system even on an unlimited storage system.


The pricing is very simple and straightforward. It has only one backup plan and its prices are categorized based on the duration for which you are buying the application.

You can buy the monthly plan for $5, one-year plan for $50 and two-year plan for $95. There are no hidden costs and you pay depending on the plan you opt for.

If you just want to try it, you can get a 15 day free trial on their website.

How it compares

Backblaze has a far better pricing than its competitors. With unlimited storage and ease of use, there is no other competition to it.

Even though it does not have the strongest of features, it has the ones that are really valuable to customers.

In terms of security, it uses one of the best encryptions ever.


There are not many reasons one can think of for not choosing Backblaze. Simplicity being it’s biggest selling point, it provides a lot of features at a very decent price. They also have a 15-day free trial which allows you to experience the service without paying.

Our data storage needs requires a solution which is secure and economical, Backblaze is an ideal option which has both the aspects.

For a person who wants an economical and easy solution to backup their data, they are most likely to choose BackBlaze and become a fan of it. There is no reason as to why you shouldn’t give this backup solution a try.

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